Portable Sheds in Beaumont

Portable Sheds in Beaumont

Beaumont Sheds have the industry-standard gable roof. We offer it in eight-foot, ten-foot, twelve-foot, fourteen-foot and sixteen-foot widths. This product comes standard with 6′-3″ walls, but can be upgraded to 7′-8″ walls if desired. Models up to 8′ wide have a single wood door, while models larger than 8′ wide have a double wood door. There are no windows.

Utility Sheds

With roomy 8′ walls (exterior measurement), the Beaumont Utility Shed has plenty of headroom. 8′ wide buildings have an exterior door that can be customized. Larger buildings come standard with double doors. There is also a lofted utility option.

Standard on the Beaumont Side Utility are 8′ walls (exterior measurements). Each 8′ building has one shop-built door. The larger buildings have two shop-built doors.

We are happy to be a portable shed provider and reseller in Beaumont for all styles. These styles include:

  • Utility Shed
  • Side Utility Shed
  • Metro Sheds
  • Metro Studio Shed
  • Metro Garden Sheds
  • Cottage Sheds

Metro Sheds

Beaumont Metro Shed gets its name from its shed roof. Rain water can be shed away from your larger structure, such as a home or business, with a single slope design.

It features the single slope roof style and is the classiest of our Beaumont sheds. Whether you are planning a pool house, a She Shed, an outside craft room or an outside office, the Metro Studio Shed deserves your consideration.

Beaumont recently introduced the Metro Line of outdoor sheds to better meet our customers’ needs. Incorporated areas and Homeowners Associations fall under this line-up. Our Metro units are constructed smaller and shorter in height, with additional options so they don’t look like plain storage buildings. We offer a full line of Metro Garden Sheds.

Cottage Sheds

The Beaumont Cottage Shed was built in 1650 and is known as the Saltbox because of its New England Style Roof. A storage unit with this unique design is a cute addition to any backyard. The shop-built door can be 48″ wide or 48″ wide with two 2′ x 3′ windows. If you want windows or doors arranged a certain way, we can do that for you.

Our portable building experts are available to provide a free quote on all our services. You can discuss your options for residential or commercial needs. Our team is here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our services