Portable Cabins in Beaumont, Texas

Portable Cabins in Beaumont, Texas

The leader in portable cabins – Beaumont Portable Buildings – understands the growing demand for portable cabins and offers a wide variety of styles. No matter what you are looking for, whether a hunting lodge, mother-in-law cabin, overnight cabin, a unique storage area, a backyard or commercial office space, or you want to finish out the interior for a getaway cabin, we have what you are looking for.

You can customize the size of doors, windows, walls, porch widths, and even the roof pitch when ordering. Depending on the application, the exterior can be painted, urethaned, or Z-metal. Cabin sizes can range from 8′ x 12′ to 16′ x 50′.

We offer a wide selection of portable cabins in the Beaumont area. Some of our most popular styles include:

  • Standard Cabins
  • Side Cabins
  • Deluxe Cabins
  • Lofted Barn Cabins
  • Side Lofted Barn Cabins
  • Deluxe Lofted Barn Cabins

Standard Cabin

Portable Cabins are in high demand, and Beaumont Portable Buildings recognizes this by offering a wide variety of styles. We offer hunting lodges, mother-in-law cabins, overnight cabins, storage areas, backyard offices, or getaway cabins that can be finished out.

Standard Cabin Features:

  • A 4’ deep front porch with rails. Porch depth is included in length measurement.
  • Three 2×3 windows standard
  • One 9-light, 36” pre-hung door
  • Plenty of headroom with standard 8’ walls (exterior measurement)

Would you like to add an extra room to your home without having to remodel it? Or perhaps you would like to build a rustic hunting cabin at the destination of your choice? Portable cabins are the perfect choice for you!

As with our Classic-style portable sheds, our cabin-style portable buildings have a 4′ porch as standard. Ideal as a deer lease cabin, guest quarters, hobby area, budget-friendly house, etc.

Your Cabin, Finished Your Way

Many of our customers have different needs. Make sure you don’t end up with a cabin that’s out of your budget or you don’t like. When you contact Beaumont Portable Buildings, we will listen closely to your needs and work hard to meet them. Would you prefer to have all the hassles eliminated by having us handle everything, or would you prefer to do a part of the project yourself? There’s no problem! We’re happy to assist! We can provide you with a basic shell, as well as a fully finished cabin.

Below are three ways in which we offer our customers portable cabins.

Unfinished Cabin Shell

Getting a prefab cabin shell is the way to go if you are on a budget, love DIY projects, or need a cabin as soon as possible! Unfinished cabin shells are built according to residential building standards and will last for many years. You can be assured that Beaumont Portable Buildings offers the highest quality cabin shells!

Partially Finished Cabin

Some of the work can be done by individuals who are intimidated by certain parts of the job but would like to do some of it themselves. Unsure of electrical or plumbing work? We can handle it for you. Insulation not your thing? We can do it for you. No problem, we can handle that as well. We can take care of those things you don’t want to do and you can do what you love!

Fully Finished Cabin

Are you looking for a home that is fully functional from day one? We will take care of everything. We’ll take care of the rest if you let us know how you want it. Finishing touches are not necessary if you don’t have the time. Our fully finished and fully livable portable cabins have served many happy customers.

Our portable building experts are available to provide a free quote on all our services. You can discuss your options for residential or commercial needs. Our team is here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our services