Portable Barns in Beaumont

Portable Barns in Beaumont

Our Portable Barns are the most comprehensive in the area here at Beaumont Portable Buildings. The decision making process and cost involved in building a horse barn or expanding a facility can be daunting for many. Beaumont Portable Buildings can provide you with a wide variety of metal barns while not breaking the bank. 

We build and deliver low-maintenance barns on your property. In comparison to wooden, portable barns are easy to maintain and keep clean, so you don’t have to deal with peeling paint, leaks caused by warping and rotting, or insect infestations.

We can easily grow with you as your needs change. Beaumont Portable Buildings can even provide a custom concrete slab for your barn if necessary. Our barns are designed to resist pests, fire, and rot using only the highest quality materials. Call now to get a free quote

Beaumont Portable Buildings specializes in the sale and rental of portable barns that enhance your property. Some of the styles we offer include:

  • Standard Barns
  • Lofted Barns
  • Side Lofted Barns
  • Lofted Barn Garages

Standard Barn

Beaumont Barn is characterized by two major features. Its squatty appearance is a result of its purposefully lower profile because it is built for the needs of communities or locations that require a lower profile for utility storage buildings. There are no interior lofts in the barn, whose sidewalls are 4′ and its overall height is approximately 7′. Additionally, it has a gabled roof system rather than a straight one (Gable).

Lofted Barn

Beaumont Lofted Barns feature higher side walls such as 6′ or optional 8′ side walls and have built-in lofts on both ends. With these lofts, the storage capacity of the unit can be nearly doubled. The lofts can also be lowered below the “top plate”, which allows for an extra foot of space in the lofts. Lofted Barns also feature the popular Gambrel roof system, giving them an outdoorsy, country feel. In contrast, the 12′, 14′, and 16′ wide units have two 36′′ shop-built doors, allowing for a 72′′ opening.

Side Lofted Barn

Having an overhead loft space makes the entire barn more usable, and Beaumont Side Lofted barns are great barns for storing. Your barn’s entry doors can be rotated from the end to the side, making it easier to access the items stored inside. Additional options include lowering the lofts below the top plate, raising the sidewalls from 6 to 8 feet, and ordering a U-shaped loft if you so desire. The Side Lofted Barn includes two 2′ x 3′ utility windows as standard. It’s our most innovative portable barn yet!

Lofted Barn Garaged

Adding another level of class to the Lofted Barn Series is the Beaumont Lofted Barn Garage. The unit has been upgraded from 2″ x 6″ joists on 16″ centers to 12″ centers. The sub-flooring has been upgraded from 5/8″ plywood to 34″ Legend Life-Time Tongue & Groove Sub-Flooring. This unit comes with a 9′ Roll-up Garage Door, a 36″ Walk-in Door, and a 2′ x 3′ Window. Custom options are available!